Timothée Couque

I am a young French engineer, specialized in mechanical design. I began my studies with 2 years of training in the design and production of automatic systems. I developed skills in CAD and automaton programming. These 2 years led me to obtain a first diploma.

Then, I continued with a general engineer training in 3 years. It is a training through which I studied different scientific fields related to industry. This training did not make me an expert in a specific field, but taught me how to manage a project in a concrete way, by adapting to the technical context.

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In parallel with my training as an engineer, I acquired 3 years of professional experience. I worked in an R&D department for a company operating in the sector of tailor-made logistics solutions such as conveyors, sorters or other special machines. So I specialized in mechanical design. My missions were to develop new materials and improve existing materials. I was in charge of the various stages, ranging from 3D design to the production of the final machine, including the editing of detailed and assembly plans, the production of shopping lists or even prototyping and carrying out tests.

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