About Us

Positive Energy: Energy in motion through revalorization

The currently ongoing electrification of transportation creates an important environmental opportunity: the repurpose for second life application of electric vehicle batteries.

We are the answer

More than a company, Positive Energy is a movement, taking into account the rights and needs of future generations, following an action plan within the framework of this issue, which consists of:

  • Implementing innovative technological solutions to address the end-of-life challenges of electric vehicle batteries
  • Maximizing their electrical storage capacity for future reuse in a circular economy
  • Providing safe, economical, and reliable access to clean, renewable energy

The vision of a committed man

Behind Positive Energy, the vision of a committed man, passionate about renewable energy.  A precise objective, the bypassing of polluting energy sources in favor of massive adherence to renewable energy sources.  A clear vision and efforts that have a concrete and positive impact: THE REPURPOSE OF ENERGY SOURCES FOR SECOND LIFE APPLICATIONS.