Energy storage

A second life that has a positive impact through repurposing

Energy motion

Positive Energy is the first player in Quebec to recover and recondition batteries from end-of-life electric vehicles for reuse in renewable energy applications that promote the energy transition.

A cleaner future

We are contributing to a cleaner future by significantly reducing the environmental impact of the issues for which electric vehicles are so often singled out:

  • Manufacturing of original batteries
  • Disposal of batteries at end of life

The end of the useful life of an electric vehicle's battery, estimated at about ten years, does not mean the end of the battery's life.  Its power is no longer sufficient to propel a vehicle, but its energy accumulators are still useful to play a more passive role of electricity storage.  Energy that will be redistributed as a service, on a network currently under development, with a green plan promoting a circular economy, which will benefit businesses, industries, and the community.

At the heart of this project

The highlighting of innovative solutions, including the conversion into storage units, which contribute to:

  • Reducing the number of batteries to be recycled
  • Recovering all the remaining accumulation potential of these batteries
  • Increasing and completely extracting their electrical storage capacity 
  • Responding to a growing demand from large industries to implement energy storage units