Marketing clerk

Margaux Cadieu

Within Positive Energy we have recruited a new employee to consolidate our energy storage project made from used batteries from electric vehicles. Recently arrived in Montreal, CADIEU Margaux, passionate about digital and sustainable development, takes on the role of “Marketing Officer”. Thus, it accompanies us in the development of our marketing and communication strategy on the energy storage market while ensuring our brand image.

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We invite you to read a brief description of his professional and academic experiences:

Before joining Energie Positive, Margaux worked in various companies in the environment, circular economy and personal service sectors for various activities: Marketing, Community Management, Webmarketing and E-commerce.

At the same time, to support her expertise and skills, she graduated with a Master's degree in Digital Communication and Social Media Strategy from the IIM Digital School of Vinci (Paris-La Défense).

Thanks to her talent and her passion for sustainable development, Margaux will effectively contribute to the growth of Energie Positive. We welcome her and hope that she thrives with us!

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