CEO, Founder

Essam Ibrahim

Faced with the resurgence of climate change and the dependence on fossil fuels, it is urgent to adopt the ecological transition (green energy), therefore, through its 25 years of experience in engineering and entrepreneurship, IBRAHIM Essam has the ambition to accelerate this deal by involving appropriate environmental solutions, for us and our future generations. This is where in 2019 Energie Positive was born!

Its only objective, the circumvention of fossil and polluting energy sources in favor of renewable energy sources. A clear vision and efforts that have a concrete and positive impact: THE REVALORIZATION of energy sources.   

Concretely, his project strongly contributes to the circular economy by proposing a healthy technology: energy storage made from used batteries from electric vehicles.

This type of energy storage system allows the remaining energy of thousands of used batteries from electric vehicles to be reused by 2030 to 2050. This energy is then redistributed to industries, remote and off-grid communities through also renewable energies (wind turbines, solar panels, etc.).  


Thanks to this technology, public and private organizations such as, mining operations, off-grid communities will benefit, batteries will cost 25% less and at the same time it will support the circular economy and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The objective of this project is not to waste any energy that could be reused and to act in the face of current climate issues in which the province of Quebec and Canada are heavily involved and committed to the energy and ecological transition ("Green Deal" and “Green Plan”) of 2050.

Energie Positive is as close as possible to organizations with a shared vision, among others, we also support consumers who have become aware of the need to switch to renewable energies to preserve our planet.

In return, the booming circular economy sector makes it possible to develop and create jobs at all levels (R&D, Technicians, Engineering, administrative, marketing, etc.). We give everyone the opportunity to join our startup, while respecting equal pay and any community.

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